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Courage and Innovation

We are the first to learn new technologies, and the first to pass our knowledge to our clients. We use modern tools for successfully deploying what others are yet to learn. We make decisions and take responsibility.

Passion and Energy

We like what we do. We derive satisfaction from what we do.
We guide our passion, intellect, enthusiasm, talents and imagination into what we do.

Precision and Technology

Experience, expertise, high standards, quality and precision - all this adds up to our professionalism.


We value challenges. We are open to multiple delivery options in accordance with various perspectives. We find solutions where others fail.

Elegance and Manner

We constantly strive for our products and services to be meticulously worked out in detail and to stand out in elegance and aesthetics. This manner is also applied in the forwarding and presentation of our work to our clients - and to ourselves.

Altkom Akademia`s address change in Gdynia

All our students from the Pomeranian region are invited to training courses in the new facility in Gdynia. As of the 7th day of July, 2014, our Trójmiasto facility has changed its location to the Alchemia building complex in Gdańsk. We are situated on the 6th floor of the business tower Aurum.

2013 Best Social Partnership

We are pleased to announce that UP Foundation has been submitted to the contest "Best Social Partnership of 2013". Altkom Akademia is one of the partners of the foundation. Organizations offering the best social partnership in the private and public sector will be selected among all submissions. Official results will be announced on October 24th 2013.

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What we do

Training services

Altkom Akademia presents a portfolio of over 1,000 training courses ranging from IT professional and user courses, business and organization management courses, project management, and business process analysis courses. We also offer trainings on personal development and social skills as an extension to our technical portfolio.

Software Design Services

We provide consulting services and information for large enterprises and multinational companies in the financial, telecommunications and manufacturing industries.

Our products are created based on the worldwide quality systems and meet the objectives and requirements of ISO 9001-2008.

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